“State of the Bible 2012″ according to the American Bible Society

Apr 19th, 2012 by PinPonPun in Atheism, Ponderings

Fox News takes a look at the State of the Bible 2012, a report by the American Bible Society (an organization dedicated to the spread of the Christian gospel through distribution bibles) and finds that despite still being the number one bestseller of all time The Bible’s popularity has diminished a bit in recent years with fewer Americans identifying the book as “sacred literature” or finding that it provides “everything a person needs to know to live a meaningful life.”

According to the article’s author Lauren Green, the ABS believes that despite the overabundance of bibles in US household the problem lies with the lack of people actually reading the book.  Lamar Vest, President and CEO of ABS told Green:

“There are probably five Bibles on every shelf in American homes. Americans buy the Bibles, they debate the Bible, they love the Bible… they just don’t read the Bible.”

Of course, as many atheists will attest, actually reading the bible might actually explain why fewer people now recognize it as a text worthy of reverence; after all recent studies show that atheists and agnostics know more about the bible than the religious and many atheists attribute their abandonment of religion to closer scrutiny of religious texts.

Then again, the ABS is an organization that looks at the horrible situation in the Congo, where “45,000 people are dying each month” and declare that “Only God’s Word can bring total healing to this war-ravaged country.”

But hey, they must be pretty hip and modern — they’re on Pinterest!