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Posted on Sunday, June 8th, 2008 by PinPonPun

The United States of America is my home and it’s a country founded on some of the greatest ideals in the world. Unfortunately, many mistakenly believe that these foundations are based, solidly, in the words of the god they worship. 

This irks me, as an atheist; yes, it’s true, I don’t believe in God, gods, or any other sort of supreme being. And the reason the ill-informed opinions of my fellow citizens in regards to our founding laws bothers me hinges on the fact that many of these same folks would love to see this country become a theocracy, where their particular brand of morality and faith would be govern the voiceless minorities our founding fathers hoped to protect. 

PinPonPun.com? It’s a place where I can rant about such things. And about other subjects — politics perhaps, or baseball. But mostly you’ll find I’ve much to say on philosophy, religion, and atheism. Hopefully that’s enough to keep you coming back.

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